The Seven Chairs

One day a lonely widow went to a antique store in Boston. The widow wanted to sit on a old looking chair. But when she sat down, the chair made her feel almost weightless. Than, she started to hover into the air about 12 feet, she than flew through the door and in the sky around 100 feet in the air. She screamed scared out of her mind.

Than she fell off, near 300 mph, she could have passed out at that speed. But than, something magical happened.
she fell off she kept going
She kept on going. She than flew into a flock of pigeons. The pigeons ate her hair. But she fell off and something magical happened.

The pigeons brought her back up to the chair. she learned how to steer the chair and steered back home

She fell through a building and landed on the hard floor. Broken bones, but still alive she made her way to the hospital.

The hospital fixed her boned and she went back home safe and sound

The hospital couldn’t fix the bones for the broken bones were far to broken, so she died quietly in that room.