A strange day in July

One day my brother and I were skipping rocks in the pond by our house. I would throw three then he would throw three, but when he threw his third rock it skipped right back to him .we looked in the water to see if the rock could have hit an even bigger rock but when we looked there was nothing there but the beautiful way the waves splash .we waited a little while then we herd a splash then a rustle in the bushes, and in the next second my brother was screaming. I looked over at him and there on his shoulder was a hand but that hand had no body attached. We were still for at least five minutes. My brother was scared to death and to tell you the truth I was quite scared myself. We her whatever was on my brothers shoulder say please help me. We said what has happened you are a ghost. Yes I've been stuck in my terrible past. Please please help I was murdered and if you don’t hurry up and get out of here my murderer will come after you to .He hate's people who come to this pond. I said to the ghost you look familiar like my best friend but she had drowned in this pond, her name was Persephone. The ghost said I am Persephone your best friend.

should they help persephone?

Should they not help?