“Freya stop talking nonsense!” It was another day of Freya making things up.
“Oh, but Sean it’s all true. The water people, the shimmering gold dust that floats in the sunlight! Why don’t you believe me?”
“Because you’re just making those things up”! Sean was Freya’s best friend and she was his.
“How can I get you to believe me”?
“Prove it to me; prove that all of those things are true.”

Freya thought and thought until she knew what she could do to prove to Sean that all she had said was true. She would bring him. But there was one problem, what if he wouldn’t go with her. She would have to ask.
“Will you come with me? I can show you so you can see with your own eyes.”

Will Sean go with her?
Will he make her show him something?